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For General Donations, Click Here: 

Memorial Bench Donation

If you would like to donate towards a memorial bench for Ms. Choice please select a donation amount from the options given. We appreciate your kindness and support in commemorating her legacy. 

The bench will be located at Cherokee Memorial | Lodi, CA

10-As the Tears FlowMable "Jimi" Choice
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Enjoy the sneak peek...

"Connoisseur of the Arts Scholarship" Donation

 Your purchase below will benefit Nana's scholarship for the Stockton Youth! Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Please make all Scholarships Payable to:  Stockton Unified School District for the Choice “Connoisseur” of the Arts Scholarship and mail them to 1144 E. Channel St. Stockton, CA 95205 Attention Juanita Newell.

Listen to the sneak peek

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